Slot Overview: Raiders of the Lost Treasure

Note from the Editor: It seems like this game been scrapped.

Want to do some online raiding? If yes, you should check out Light & Wonder’s Raiders of Fortune slot machine. The main character in this game resembles the intrepid archaeologist Indiana Jones, so it’s no surprise that the title, Raiders of Fortune, sounds like the name of a previous film. In other words, Indiana Jones meets Crocodile Dundee. So, let’s see what kind of fortune Light & Wonder had in mind when they created Raiders of Fortune, so buckle up, load up, or do anything else you need to do to prepare for some forest-themed action.

There are certain parallels between Cluedo Mightyways and Raiders of Fortune, and that’s the first thing to keep in mind. In actual play, there are far fewer parallels than differences; nevertheless, the Trailways Trail, which awards prizes to players according on the number of cascading victories they experience, is present in both. The temple-like buildings in the distance and the waterfall off to the right aren’t terrible, either. It’s a passable picture; it’s not particularly remarkable or novel for this slot type, while the tiki-like visage at the head of the Trailways Trail stands out as an odd choice.

At the outset, Raiders of Fortune has a 6-reel, 4-row game board with 40 fixed paylines, however this number can increase if the player reaches a certain point along the Trailways Trail. The RTP can range from 96% to 92%, and the mathematical model is somewhat to very variable. The betting possibilities in this game vary from 40 p/c to £/€20 per spin, which may put off casual players with smaller budgets.

When three or more identical symbols appear, starting on the leftmost reel, on any of the adjacent reels along a payline, the player is awarded a prize. Royals from 10 through A pay 3 to 5 times the wager for a hand of six, while premium weapons, maps, watches, explorers, and treasure chests pay 8 to 20 times the wager for a hand of five. Wild symbols are able to substitute for other symbols to help players form winning combinations.

Specifications of the Raiders of the Lost Slot

Most, if not all, of Raiders of Fortune’s features begin with cascading victories. All winning symbols are removed from the grid and the reward is determined when a winning line is touched. As empty spaces are filled by fresh symbols, the cascade function might activate again if it results in a winning combination. When there are no more winners, the whole reward pool is distributed.


Players advance down the Trailways Trail, which sits next to the reels and displays a list of rewards or modifiers, as they accumulate from left to right as they trigger winning cascades. The Trail and the grid are both reset if no further cascades happen. Prizes for Best Trail Positions:

One Wild in the First Position: All reels now include one wild.

Place 2 – 3x Wild: Three Wilds are placed on the reels at random.

Third Position: Free Expand adds two rows to the board, bringing the total number of victory lines to 60.

Colossal Wild appears at position 4, and it can be either a 2×2 or a 3×3 square.

Place 5: 5x + 1 Wild: All winnings are multiplied by 5, and a wild symbol is added to the reels at random.

Place 6: Random Wilds, 2–5 more wilds are added to the grid at random.

Seventh Place (7th) 7 free spins are awarded, with an additional one awarded for each subsequent cascade.

Free Online Games

Although the prizes on the Trailways Trails are still triggered by successive cascades during free games, the places now provide:

Three more wild symbols appear on reels 1 through 3 at random.

Place 2: +1x, +1Wild: Multiplier for wins is increased by 1, and a wild symbol is added to the reels at random.

In Position 3, the grid size increases to 6×6, the number of win lines multiplies by 2, and a wild symbol appears on the reels at random.

Colossal Wild appears at position 4, and it can be either a 2×2 or a 3×3 square. Each time the reels spin, a wild symbol may appear.

The fifth position gives a +3 victory multiplier.

Place 6: Random Wilds, 2–5 more wilds are added to the grid at random.

Spin Bonus for Position 7 +1x: The win multiplier is increased by +1, and you receive 2 free spins.

More than seven cascades trigger an extra free spin and a one-time boost to the win multiplier. The Trail and grid size are both reset between free spins.

Casino Game Review: Treasure Hunters

Simply said, Raiders of Fortune might be worthwhile if you enjoy the prospect of cascades resulting in multiple victories and, furthermore, activating a new modifier at each stage of their progression down a Trail. Although its foundations can be found in Cluedo Mightyways, Raiders of Fortune has been designed to function rather differently, making it more suitable for players who aren’t as patient as those who might enjoy Cluedo Mightyways.

The reason for this is that the Trail’s modifiers are thrown into play after the initial cascading victory. Initially, it’s simply a wild sign, which isn’t really game-changing. However, unlike in Cluedo Mightyways, players won’t have to wait until the sixth cascade before they start winning anything. For want of a better term, Raiders of Fortune is the “lesser” game. To begin with, the game grid is far smaller than it was in the prior game (there are currently just 60 possible winning combinations, down from a maximum of 262,144). The difference in potential is also dramatic, with Raiders of Fortune offering a more realistic 4,493x the stake opposed to the other’s 50,000x (which has not been shown).

In conclusion, Raiders of Fortune reimagines the Trailways Trail/cascade hybrid, relaxing and simplifying the rules to make it simpler to win. Those who enjoy seeing rewards or modifiers more frequently may enjoy this. Raiders of Fortune is more of a stroll in a city park than a machete chop through the bush because the idea is somewhat cliched, but tastefully portrayed, and the eventual goal isn’t too remarkable.






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