A review of the slot game Candy Bonanza! The PGSLOT crew is going to talk about some new slot games that are bright and have the main theme of playing sweets today.

Candies and chewing gum in a variety of colors Playing and making you feel good, being enjoyable to play, simple to play, and profitable, this game is one of the finest games ever created. (PGSOFT is being particularly demanding on players because this is a brand new game.)

The standard gameplay of the game does not include paylines in the same way that other slot games do; rather, the game employs a novel mechanism that makes use of the same reward symbols. If you connect five of the same symbol in either a vertical or horizontal line, you will win prizes according to the payout rate of that symbol. The slot machine table also includes up to 36 slots, which are comprised of six reels and six rows. As a result, there is a very good probability that symbols will land near to each other. The maximum number of times that you can ever receive a reward from a common payout symbol is 2,500.

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Symbols that appear often in the Candy Bonanza slot game.

In the Candy Bonanza game, there are just eight standard reward symbols, and there is no need to look at paylines in order to make things more difficult. Instead, the same symbols might appear either vertically or horizontally. You just need to finish 5 photographs to be eligible for rewards. And can also obtain rewards up to 36 photos, with the highest bonus amounting to more than 2,000 baht. The following is a breakdown of the payout rate for each symbol:

yellow wrapped candy sign There is a 2,500-times maximum payout rate that may be achieved.

a sign for pink wrapped confectionery in pink. The highest payout rate is 1,800 times the original wager.

blue wrapped candy sign The highest payout rate is 1,200 times the original wager.

a sign of green wrapped sweets in green Has a potential return on investment of up to one thousand times the amount invested

A maximum payoff of 800 times your bet can be won with the orange spade candy symbol.

The symbol of the pink heart candy has a potential payout of up to 600 times.

a symbol for green club candy in green. The highest payout rate is 400 times the original wager.

Candy in the shape of a blue diamond The maximum payout rate is set at 200 times the initial wager.

Demo Version of the Slot Machine Game Candy Bonanza Featuring Special Symbols

You are welcome to make use of our website to play Candy Pop for free. Symbols that are exclusive to this candy-themed slot game. There will be a total of two categories, and both of them will be symbols that make it simpler to win rewards when playing the game in its standard manner. And symbols that, when activated, will cause high-paying games’ unique features to become active. The following descriptions apply to both of the special symbols.

Symbol Sauvage

The Wild Symbol in the Candy Bonanza SLOT DEMO game is a piece of chewing gum in a rainbow of colors that has the word “WILD” written on it. with the exception of simply one symbol for free spins. Additionally, it is a sign that is a component of a unique characteristic.

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The symbol for free spins

This candy game has a free spin symbol that looks like a golden wrapped candy with the words “FREE SPIN” written on it. Can be utilized to activate the Free Spins feature for ten times, and if more than three Free Spin symbols occur during that time, the player will earn two more free spins for each additional Free Spin symbol.

Highlights of the Sweets Bonanza candy game’s Special Characteristics

Up to four different categories of players can participate in the free trial version of the Candy Bonanza game. These players get access to all of the game’s unique features, including those that make it simpler to win rewards. Bonus aspects of the game, as well as factors that boost the player’s chances of winning The following are the specifics of each feature that will be included.

Multiplier Feature

Every time a player is victorious, the Multiplier function is triggered. Which will be the pace at which the earnings will be multiplied constantly by one time each time a combination is created while playing the game. or unbroken streaks of victory If you can do numerous combinations in a row Up until the point where the combination is no longer possible, the prize multiplier rate will continue to accrue.

Unique Feature of the Wild

The Special Wild feature is a special feature that is activated when six or more of the same symbols are rewarded at the same time, and it is broken up into three tiers.

If you win with six of the same symbol, you will receive one wild symbol added at random to the next turn.

If you win with seven of the same symbol, then the next turn will include an additional two Wild symbols chosen at random.

If the winning combination has 8 or more of the same symbol, then three additional Wild symbols will be added at random to the following round.

The Main Attraction Is Candy

When four of the identical symbols appear on the slot grid in the formation of a square, the Big Candy feature will be activated. If any of the huge symbols are won, then the four symbols will combine into a single, larger symbol. The amount of prize money that is awarded will be subject to an increased multiplier rate of two times.

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Bonus The Feature of Free Spins

Bonus Rounds of Free Spins Feature When the function is activated, it is triggered whenever there are three or more Free Spin symbols present on the grid. After each reward is won, an unique multiplier rate of one times is added to the total, and this continues until the conclusion of the feature and for all Wild Symbols that have not yet won. It will remain in the same place until it has won at least one award. alternatively you may stick around until the credits roll.

Review of the Slot Machine Game Candy Bonanza Conclusion Free of Charge

Candy Bonanza is a candy slot game that is similar to keno slot games in that the bonus is simple to break. due to the fact that it does not rely on paylines to determine who wins and who loses in the game. Only when you acquire five or more of the same symbol in a row will you progress. You are now eligible to receive rewards. Additionally, the gaming system is equipped with unique features that simplify the gameplay experience. The bonus is violated a greater number of times. In addition to that, the total amount of reward money has been increased. There is also a continuous combo to obtain prizes that are both entertaining and profitable, even if you do not use the extra function. Just the usual awards may be multiplied up to a maximum of 2500 times. You may also test out Candy Bonanza by just applying for a PGSLOT membership on the website or using the LINE@ service, which is available around the clock.






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